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What is a Balustrade?

August 26, 2019 Screens

A balustrade is defined as a vertical upstand which aims to protect the users or occupants of a building, most often located next to a vertical displacement in the middle of horizontal building surfaces or on the side of a stair. Simply put, balustrades can be found wherever there are stairs or balconies or any […]

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How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door

July 14, 2019 Maintenance

Getting a security door for your home is a must especially since one of its primary purposes is to provide security. A security door can help you avoid a possible residential burglary because it addresses one of the risks identified by the Australian Institute of Criminology – having an unsecured entry point to your house. Remember, […]

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8 Tips to Have a More Secure Front Door

June 28, 2019 Front doors

Securing your front door should be at the top of your home safety list. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 72% of break-ins that occurred in 2017 happened in a residential location. While the number of burglaries has decreased compared to the past years, there are still thousands of burglaries in Australia every year. […]

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Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure)

Home Intruder Prevention: Tips on Keeping Your Home Secure Did you know that there were over 176,153 victims of burglary in Australia in 2017? Statistics show that the majority of these incidents have been non-violent home robberies. Apparently, most homeowners have been asleep or away when the incident happened. However, it’s still unnerving to think […]

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How to Secure Your Windows against Intruders

April 26, 2019 Security tips

Did you know that the favourite past-time of intruders is window shopping? This isn’t, however, the kind of window shopping that is remotely related to retail therapy. Crime Victimisation statistics in Australia show that 47 percent of intruders tamper with windows to break into someone’s home. A significant percentage of break-ins also happen because the first-floor […]

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Reduce Cooling Costs by Venting Hot Air

March 17, 2019 Venting Hot Air

Ventilation is one of the most efficient methods in cooling down a building. If you want to avoid heat build-up in your home, you should consider different ways to vent hot air. For some homeowners, they plan ahead by considering a landscape that can provide shade to the house. However if you’re not wanting to change […]

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When to Have a Security Door Installed

February 20, 2019 Security door installation

The protection of your home is especially. After a tiring day at work, at school, or running errands, we all want to feel safe and comfortable in our home. You can only achieve that if your home is secure. Keeping a home safe involves more than just keeping your doors and windows locked. Luckily, more […]

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Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs with Blinds

January 27, 2019 Blinds

As homeowners or business owners, we are always looking for ways to save on our electricity costs. There are many simple yet effective ways to cut our energy costs. From using energy efficient light bulbs and other electrical devices to implementing cooling and heating strategies, there are many things we can do to save money […]

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Benefits of Sliding vs. Hinged Grille Doors

December 19, 2018 Sliding doors

First impressions matter. The door the part of the home that greets you and your visitors. It is the focal point of the exterior of your house. Often times, you can deduce how a home is designed through its front doors. Will it be modern and minimalist? Classic and romantic? Simple and practical? If you […]

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Mesh or Grille: How to Decide

November 18, 2018 Securemesh

A sense of security is a necessity in life. While it comes in many forms, there is one easy way to ensure security in your home or property. Installing security doors and windows has become quite popular in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie area. It is an added layer of security that is worth the […]

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Recent Trends in Security Door Hardware

October 21, 2018 Security Door Trends

Gone are the days when a closed door was enough to secure a home or business. More and more innovations in hardware and technologies have transformed the simple hinged or sliding door into a security asset. There are many new trends in safety and security, and these include changes in the way we understand security […]

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Benefits of Having a Pet Door

September 30, 2018 Pet door

If you’re on a mission to make your pet’s life better and more fun, you’ve probably considered having a pet door installed. A pet door can fit onto your front door, or a back door leading to your yard. However, you may have thought against it because of other concerns. What about the security of […]

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Home Safety Buying Guide: Doors and Windows

August 31, 2018 Buying guide

Are you currently looking for doors and windows for your new home? Or looking into replacing existing doors, windows, and locks? Windows and doors are the eyes of your home, and the first things that your guests will notice on a visit to your house. Selecting doors and windows sounds simple enough, but there are […]

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Security Doors

July 22, 2018 Security doors

Security doors are a great addition to any home. For one, they keep those pesky insects at bay. They also provide another layer of security to your home. Plus, you can now open your doors during those extra humid days without worrying about intruders. Nonetheless, a lot of planning must go into choosing the best […]

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Security Doors Keep You Protected from These

June 25, 2018 Security doors

Security doors are an essential for both living and commercial spaces. Given their many advantages, it’s not a surprise that more people are willing to spend an extra dollar for their peace of mind. If you are still not convinced about making such investment, knowing what security doors can keep you protected from might actually […]

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Five Ways to Level up Your Home Security

May 25, 2018 home security

You have probably seen it many time in the news. Intruders breaking in to homes robbing owners not only of property but of peace of mind as well. Sometimes it even ends tragically. This is the biggest reason why homeowners should really look into their home’s defences. Investing in an excellent home security system is […]

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