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Go for Mesh - Mesh
December 16, 2019 Securemesh, Uncategorized

Fine mesh offers great home security.

Whether you’re protecting your home from a break-in or a dangerous animal, you can never be too careful with securing your home. There are so many elements all around us that we might not be aware of, and one forgotten window or door could be enough to gain access to your fortress.

That is why, for extra protection, you should consider going for mesh.

Go for Mesh - Mesh

Cases of burglary throughout the years

According to recent studies, burglaries around Australia have increased throughout the years, with 20% of homes broken into being robbed more than once. Most burglaries happen on a Friday at around noon and 5 p.m. It happens least frequently on Sundays. However, these aren’t the only times that criminals are active.

On November 8, 2019, three teenage boys were arrested in Adelaide for several home invasions that happened from 1:30 am to 4:30am. That doesn’t just occur in homes; it happens to businesses too.

On September 24, 2019, famous fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna in Melbourne was broken into at 2 a.m. with expensive handbags, shoes, and other accessories stolen in just 40 seconds. The business has a CCTV in its premises that revealed a man who covered his face as he broke the glass containers where the luxury items are displayed. Still, the security cameras are not enough to prevent the robbery.

Go for Mesh - Mesh

Home security is not enough

People find comfort in knowing that they have a security system, cameras and gates in their home or commercial premises. But in truth, loud noises, video footages and walls that you can simply cross over are not enough to deter any robber.

Sure you can use them in catching a robber. They can help with your police report. They allow you to determine the possible fitness level of the culprit, what they look like, what they were wearing, and how fast they are. Yet, the truth is, it is not enough to stop a robbery or keep it from happening.

Because robbers are often skilled, they can easily disguise themselves to hide their identities from cameras. They can learn to disable any expensive security device. Indeed, we must take precautionary measures to avoid robberies within the home and business premises through all other means.

To avoid any case of theft or robbery in your home or commercial buildings, invest in added protection by going for mesh.

Go for Mesh - Mesh

Security screen for commercial and home protection

Make no mistake. Your security systems can help deter a burglar. It can in some way make a burglar think twice before stealing anything from your home, business or office. It’s a good measure to keep criminals out. But you can never be too careful. It is never wrong to have additional protection like mesh or security screens for your doors and windows.

Here are the reasons why going mesh is one of the best options you can do to protect your home:

1.     Going mesh is cost-effective.

Unlike security cameras and security systems that detect movement, security screens are cheaper and reasonably priced. Upon installation, mesh only needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the material strong. It is also just a one-time spend. It doesn’t require additional maintenance costs or electricity costs, unlike cameras and other security systems.

2.     The security mesh is easy to use.

The problem with security systems and cameras is that if you are a little older or not fond of technology, you may have a hard time trying to use them. Security screens, on the other hand, require a no-fuss approach. You can have them installed or uninstalled. You open and close them just like any other door or window.

3.     Security screens don’t obstruct door and window functions.

What draws people away from security doors is that they feel like it prevents them from using the doors and windows more effectively. Windows may not put in more air, or doors may not be left open. But, with security screens and mesh, the designs are more breathable and ideal to facilitate overall home or office air circulation. Mesh designs are fine enough to welcome in the fresh air.

Ditch the idea that security screens prevent air circulation. There are good companies like ours that offer quality screens without ruining door or window functions.

4.     It doesn’t ruin a home or business’ design or aesthetic.

When it comes to cameras or security systems, you have to be pretty strategic in placing them to make sure that your house or establishment still looks nice and sleek. But with mesh, you don’t have to think about where you should place them. Mesh is fine and strong enough to allow the atmosphere of the home or commercial buildings to still shine through from the outside. What it adds aesthetically is a little tint to your doors or windows, but in terms of security, it is the best protection.

5.     They require time and special tools to destroy or remove.

Mesh, especially quality mesh, offers extraordinary protection to your home or office for a low price. It cannot be easily destroyed by a mere push or hit, unlike glass doors and windows.

Security screens are good at offering extra protection because they not only deter criminals, they also give burglars a difficult time trying to fumble and uninstall them before they can enter your home. That makes it unmatched by any camera or security system that can be disabled by a mere snap of a wire.

Choosing the best clear security mesh for your Newcastle residence

When it comes to quality security doors in Newcastle, trust a reliable and dependable company. Contact U-Neek Security Doors!

U-Neek Security Doors has been around for 26 years. We have perfected our craft over the years, allowing us to cater to many clients based on their situation and budget. We offer a variety of doors for homes and commercial establishments all over Australia!

Our services include:

  • Sliding security doors and windows
  • Hinged security doors
  • Casement, awning and double-hung windows
  • Fire and emergency exit security screens
  • Balustrades
  • Pool fencing
  • Outdoor room extensions, and
  • Shopfront screening

Contact us to start protecting your home or business today!

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