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Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure)

Home Intruder Prevention: Tips on Keep Your Home Secure Did you know that there were over 176,153 victims of burglary in Australia in 2017? Statistics show that the majority of these incidents have been non-violent home robberies. Apparently, most homeowners have been asleep or away when the incident happened. However, it’s still unnerving to think […]

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How to Secure Your Windows against Intruders

April 26, 2019 Security tips

Did you know that the favourite past-time of intruders is window shopping? This isn’t, however, the kind of window shopping that is remotely related to retail therapy. Crime Victimisation statistics in Australia show that 47 percent of intruders tamper with windows to break into someone’s home. A significant percentage of break-ins also happen because the first-floor […]

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