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Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings?

Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings? -
March 12, 2020 Front doors

Do you have hinged doors, security mesh doors, metal sliding doors or windows? Do they have the same old, outdated colour? Maybe it is time to upgrade the colour of your home’s Colonial Castings.

Security screen panels are not only for improving safety in your home. Colonial castings do a lot more than their primary purpose. It is essential to treat them with care and attention. One way to do that is to upgrade the colour of your colonial castings.

Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings? -

Reasons to Recolour your Colonial Castings

The benefits of recolouring your colonial castings include;

·         Prevent rust from spreading

A tiny spot of rust is like a disease slowly spreading into your metal door. If you leave it unattended, your metal door will be at risk of permanent damage. Colonial castings are of gravity die-cast, made of 100% recycled aluminium. It has various colours of hardy powder-coated finish that are known to be durable and strong enough to resist rusting. This finish has a 2-year guarantee, but after a few years, your colonial castings may need an upgrade but this upgrade may be a small price to pay for the satisfaction of rust-free metal doors.

·         Prolong the life of your Colonial Castings

Harsh weather, especially saltwater environments in Australia, pose a threat to your metal doors and windows. It makes the doors and windows prone to rust and the paint prone to peeling off. Maintenance work is also needed, such as regularly washing it down or upgrading colours once in a while. Recolouring ensures that your colonial castings will last over many years.

·         Improve the facade of your home

Colonial castings are not only for security along the boundaries of your home. As they are located outside, they largely contribute to the facade of your home. Do not let an old security screen panel ruin the look of your beautiful house.

·         Personalise the design and theme of your home

Do you feel like your old colonial castings no longer represent you or your growing family? Maybe your outside walls have already been repainted, or you have added new patio furniture. An upgraded colonial casting will surely complement the new look of your home so that your security screen panels match the rest of your home.

·         Make your house welcoming

A safety and security door serves as a portal to your home. It is one of the first things that your guests will see as they enter your house. Upgraded Colonial Castings will make your home feel more welcoming. Security screen panels that are well taken care of also represent a loving and caring home.

Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings? -

When Should you Upgrade your Colonial Casting?

A time will come when you will eventually need to upgrade the colour of your security screen panels. It is time to upgrade when:

·         You have old, rusty and faded security screen panels

When you have outdated security doors and windows, it is really time to replace them and add new colours to your home. Do not let rust on your metal panels linger in your home. Upgrade your doors with colonial castings.

·         Your security screen panel does not suit your property structure and your area

As time goes by, the needs of your property changes. Your home exterior may be getting upgrades, or the security panel you initially installed was not meant to last for an extended period of time. It is time to get an upgrade where colonial castings may become suitable to your property.

·         Your security door’s function does not meet your priority

Security screen doors and windows have several functions, but the right one for your home depends on your priority. If you are looking for something that will keep intruders out and aesthetically protect your home, then colonial castings are perfect for you.

·         You need new locks and security methods

Times are changing, and the world continues to be a scarier place. It may be time to upgrade your locks and security methods with the addition of colonial castings. It’s most important when your property area continues to be more populated. You want home protection that is both functional and convenient to use.

Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings? -

Colonial Casting Colour Upgrades

Another reason to upgrade the colour of your colonial castings is that there is many colour options to choose from. You can easily pick a colour that fits your mood and what you really want in your home. There are several finish colour options for every theme and design in your property.

  • If you are going for a monochromatic colour scheme, you can pick out white, APO Grey, slate grey (woodland grey), anotec dark grey, charcoal, and These will surely go with any modern and minimalist homes, or if you want basic colours in your colonial castings.
  • If you are looking for deep, romantic colours, you can choose claret, Notre dame, bronze, brown and These can surely add a touch of elegance to your home.
  • If you want off white colours, there are magnolia, stone beige, paperbark (Marino), birch white, surf mist, dune, and This wide range of shades can surely match any colour in your home, and will also work well even if you are going for an all-white look.
  • If you are looking for a splash of colour, you can get primrose, mountain blue (Deep Ocean), Hawthorne green, heritage green, and mist green (pale eucalypt). These colours will surely bring a touch of blossoming earthly shades.

Should You Upgrade the Colour of Your Colonial Castings? -

Upgrade your colonial castings with Uneek Security Doors

Ensure that you are upgrading with authentic and quality colonial castings. To get the best value for your money, make sure to hire a professional who is known to be an expert in the field for an affordable cost.

Contact us now or send enquiries for Colonial Castings safety screen panels in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Reach us through 2 4945 4460 or 0427 486 862, or send an email to You may also request a visit to our showroom to get a firsthand glimpse of all the colours colonial castings has to offer.

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