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Benefits of Having a Pet Door

Benefits of Having a Pet Door
September 30, 2018 Pet door

If you’re on a mission to make your pet’s life better and more fun, you’ve probably considered having a pet door installed. A pet door can fit onto your front door, or a back door leading to your yard. However, you may have thought against it because of other concerns. What about the security of your home? Will your pet be unsafe if you give them access to the outdoors?

In this article, we’ll be going through the many benefits of having a pet door, and how you can install and maintain a pet door without sacrificing the safety of your pet or your home.

Top 5 benefits of a pet door

1. Having an access door is better for their health

One of the main priorities of any pet owner is potty training. Even the most unruly dogs or cats need to be taught how to do their business in the right places. In the best case, our pets can signal to us if they need to go outside. In the worst case, pet owners might not be available to help right away. The pet will either pee indoors, leading to quite an inconvenient accident, or hold their pee in.

Holding their pee in is not good for pets in the same way it’s not good for people. It can lead to urinary tract infections, which are painful for the pet and also costly to treat. At first, you might not notice that anything is wrong. After several occasions, though, the bacteria can build up and cause infection and pain.

It is also quite stressful for dogs and cats to need to go outside when there are no humans in sight. Even without the medical complications, there is already a lot of stress for the pets who don’t know what to do, or who don’t have any other options.

An access door to your yard or garden prevents these complications. Your pets can go outside to relieve themselves on their own, instead of waiting for you.

2. Your pet needs outdoor stimulation

Most pets, especially playful puppies and kittens, won’t thrive if kept indoors for extended periods of time. They can run around inside your home, but that doesn’t compare to the space and stimulation they can get outside.

Giving your pet the ability to access your yard allows them to stay fit. It gives them the opportunity to burn their excess energy.

The outdoors also provides the mental stimulation pets need to stay alert and happy. Many pets become lethargic or even destructive due to boredom. If you’ve noticed your pet compulsively chewing the couch, then you’re dealing with a lack of stimulation. There are other harmful behaviours that are signs of a bigger problem, such as:

  • Scratches on your doors or walls
  • Incessant barking and attention-seeking
  • Toilet accidents indoors

Many of these behaviours are a result of pets feeling like they do not have enough attention, or they may be due to low self-esteem. Giving pets the freedom to move inside the house and to the outdoors as they please will raise their self-esteem and confidence.

With better self-esteem, you can help your pet overcome common behavioural issues such as problems housebreaking, excessive barking, and furniture chewing.

Overall, a pet door can lead to better health. It improves your pet’s fitness and attitude.

3. Pet doors are convenient for you

Have you ever arrived home exhausted from a long day at work, only to have your lovely pet need you up because they want to go out? Most pet owners can probably relate to some of the more inconvenient behaviours of their pets.

Having a pet door is ultimately convenient. It is perfect if you work late hours or if you are out of town on some days. You won’t need to enlist expensive services or get a neighbour to help you out. You also won’t have to come home to chewed-out furniture or to more accidents indoors.

Benefits of Having a Pet Door - Pet Door

4. Freedom to move ensures your pet’s safety

The great outdoors isn’t always so great for pets. Having a wide space for pets to play around in is good only when the weather conditions are right. However, there have been many unfortunate instances of pets being left outside by their owners in bad weather.

Sometimes, pet owners forget to bring their pets in. This can be a disaster, especially during cold winter nights or hot summer afternoons. Your dog can be severely injured by frostbite or dehydration.

In other occasions, a pet could be threatened by a snake or another foreign animal near your home. In these instances, pets need to have the freedom to move in or out.

There are also other scenarios where your pet would need to move outdoors for their safety. For example, one of your kitchen appliances may catch on fire. A terrified dog would be safer if they can get out through their own pet door.

A pet door can give your dog or cat the access they need to freely move into or out of your home when they need to feel safer or more comfortable.

5. A pet door can complement your home’s security

The biggest ‘con’ when it comes to having a pet door is the safety concern, both for the household and the pet. After all, it can represent a weak point in the security system of a house. Others are worried over the difficulty of installation.

In truth, a pet door can boost your security. It is great for guard dogs and more aggressive dogs. Your pet can check on unusual noises near your home, or scare off intruders. Before an unwelcome guest can even come near your home, a guard dog can already be outside barking to alert you and the neighbours. Many pets feel happier and more confident when they can play into the security of your home as well.

There are ways to have a pet door without compromising on safety. Chief of them is by enlisting Uneek Security Doors, a manufacturer and installer of security doors, fly screens, window locks and grilles, awnings and blinds in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

With the right service provider and installer, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Pet doors from Uneek Security Doors

Uneek Security Doors offers a complete range of security door and window grille solutions, including pet door installation. All of our products are made to the highest standards using quality components from industry-leading suppliers.

The Uneek Aluminium Pet Doors are designed specifically for security screen doors, so you can enjoy the benefits of security doors along with the benefits of having a pet door. The Petway® pet doors can be fitted on site without removing your existing door, making installation easy.

Our pet doors use a UV-stabilised plastic and magnetic closure device. They come in two sizes, perfect for small to large pets, and in a range of seven colours that can complement your home perfectly.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to think about your pet’s health, confidence, and safety. Keep your home secure and your pet happy today!

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