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Five Ways to Level up Your Home Security

level up home security. Five Ways to Level up Your Home Security
May 25, 2018 home security

You have probably seen it many time in the news. Intruders breaking in to homes robbing owners not only of property but of peace of mind as well. Sometimes it even ends tragically.

This is the biggest reason why homeowners should really look into their home’s defences. Investing in an excellent home security system is definitely worth every dollar. Here are five ways to level up your home security.

Invest in locks

You know that you really have to spend extra dollars in locks. High quality ones understandably cost more than your average locks. This is because of the mechanism and the materials used.

A word of advice: do not scrimp here. This is not the best time for you to sacrifice quality for cheaper but poorly-made locks. Go ahead and invest in proper locks to keep possible intruders at bay.

Deadbolt locks are the best for exterior doors. They are specifically made to provide stronger protection. High-quality deadbolt locks make it impossible for any door to be broken into. Just make sure that the frame is well-fitted so that there is no space for an intruder to pry it open with a crowbar.

Add security layers

Look around your home and think from a point of view of a person trying to break in.  Where is a home easiest to break into? Your best guess would be glass windows and sliding doors. These can be broken through by intruders. A practical way to level up your home security is to add layers to prevent home invasion. These can include the following:

  1. Placing metal bars on the bottom track of your door or window
  2. Using glass that is “burglar-resistant” (similar to glass used for car windows)
  3. Installing security doors, locks, indoor hinges, and grilles
  4. Installing a reliable alarm system
  5. Installing CCTV cameras

These are just some of security layers that you can add to defend your home.

Obvious versus hidden

There are things that you should make visible and there are those that you have to take the effort to hide. For example, cameras should be made readily noticeable so that people around you know that they are being recorded for security purposes. Drawing attention to your alarm system tells possible intruders that it can get complicated if they choose your house to break into.

How about what to hide? Do not expose your wires. Burglars know what to cut to disable your alarm. Also, do not announce that you are leaving. Do not leave notes that show your house is empty. Keep your keys secure at all times and do not leave them in obvious places like the mailbox or under the mat . These are just simple things that can improve home security without spending a single cent.

Light it up

Illumination at night is yet another defence that can improve your home security.  Provide excellent lighting especially in the most vulnerable parts of your home like windows and sliding doors. If you have to travel, ask someone you trust to put the lights on at night. This will give the appearance that your home is occupied. Any security expert will tell you that illumination is definitely one way to discourage burglars from breaking in.

Bring the experts in

Particularly in places prone to break-ins, it’s highly advisable to get expert advice. Experts in security and locks can go in and make a survey of your home. From their survey, they can give you a detailed plan on what to install to level up your home security. Just make sure that you hire a company of good repute. Do your research and ask for referrals before inviting them to your home.

Let Uneek Security Doors help you

Knowing the ways to level up your home security is certainly not enough. You have to put theory in practice too. Don’t worry – Uneek Security Doors can help you! We provide a wide selection of security doors, window locks, and grilles that will definitely do the job. Contact us today!

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