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Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure)

Home Intruder Prevention: Tips on Keep Your Home Secure

Did you know that there were over 176,153 victims of burglary in Australia in 2017? Statistics show that the majority of these incidents have been non-violent home robberies. Apparently, most homeowners have been asleep or away when the incident happened.

However, it’s still unnerving to think that someone has invaded your privacy to steal your stuff. The very thought that an intruder broke into your house can make you feel unsafe.

Prevention is key

Intruder prevention is the key to keeping you and your family safe. The harder it is for criminals to have access to your house then the less likely it is for your home to become a target.

In most cases, intruders have spent time casing your place to look for vulnerabilities and opportunities to invade. Hence, they can take away your valuables within a small window of time. But by making a conscious effort to improve your home’s security, you can effectively protect yourself from a home invasion.

Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure) - Home Invasion Prevention

·  Lock your doors at all times.

This sounds pretty basic, and it is actually common sense. However, the majority of break-ins happen because people forget to take simple precautions like locking the doors. Before you go to bed at night or leave the house for the day, take a few minutes to run through the doors and windows to check the locks, especially in the garage. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming the garage is safe when it’s the easiest for the burglars to penetrate.

· Fix areas with weak lighting.

Some homeowners overlook the importance of lighting to home security but understand that criminals prefer to operate in the darkness because their goal is never to be detected. If you have a well-lit house, especially the backyard and corners, it will make your home a less likely target for burglars.

Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure) - Home Invasion Prevention

· Secure your doors and windows.

Set up locks and bolts on your windows and doors, including your garage doors, to improve the security of your house. If you live in an area where home robberies may be rampant, it might be practical and necessary to consider having security doors and windows.

Home Invasion Prevention (tips on how to keep your home secure) - Home Invasion Prevention

· Install an alarm system.

Today, there are plenty of options for security alarm systems that fit any budget. So, if the cost has prevented you from having this in your home before, then it’s high time to shop around for this technology. You’d surprised at what you’ll find at stores. Besides, you can never put a price on the security of your family.

You don’t necessarily have to have a fortress of a home to protect yourself. You just need to set up deterrents so that criminals will not bother trying to invade your property.

Awareness is essential

Being aware of what is going on in your surrounding will help prevent intruders because your response to this situation is just as crucial as prevention. Intruders rely on situational awareness, but you can hone this same skill as well to use against them.

· Stranger Danger

By being aware of your environment, you can easily spot when a strange face is lurking in your neighbourhood or when something around your home or garage looks odd and unusual. Get to know your community by going on regular walks so you can also learn patterns and be familiar with the cars your neighbours drive.

As much as possible, be wary of your schedule as well. Have you been leaving the house and coming home pretty much at the same time? Do you have a pattern that criminals can easily see? Try to change things up in your routines to lessen the chances of vulnerability. If you walk your dog or jog at a specific time, don’t stick to the same schedule and shift your routines a bit.

· Familiar Faces

Sometimes, the burglars can be familiar people to you. They could be the carpet cleaners you hired a few weeks ago, or the delivery person who wheeled in the new refrigerator in your kitchen.

Always be present when these people come to your house and never let them lurk more than they have to. Schedule deliveries and services to your home during the daytime and when you have someone else in the house with you.

Also, be aware of construction or service vehicles that frequent your neighbourhood. The trucks usually have the company’s name and number on it, so make a mental note of these details, as it may come in handy in the future. Don’t be afraid to contact the police if you notice something strange.

· Emergency Plan

Talk to your family and establish an emergency strategy about home security, especially if you have young kids. This is not about making the children paranoid. Instead, it is about teaching them necessary life skills and common sense so that they do not panic or hurt themselves.

The Australian police advise against confronting intruders in your home. If you keep a gun in your home, the criminals may get a hold of it and use this to harm your family. Instead, homeowners are advised to improve their home security to prevent home intrusion and then report the crime to the authorities.

Priorities home security. Let Uneek help you avoid home invasion.

The reality is anyone can be a victim of burglary, and it’s always better to take home security issues seriously than regret a different outcome.

If you need help regarding the improvement of your home security, phone Uneek for a consultation or a quote. We are a reliable and reputable company who have years of experience with many homeowners looking for the best security options for their house. We’d be happy to help you out!

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