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Home Safety Buying Guide: Doors and Windows

Home Safety Buying Guide Doors and Windows
August 31, 2018 Buying guide

Are you currently looking for doors and windows for your new home? Or looking into replacing existing doors, windows, and locks? Windows and doors are the eyes of your home, and the first things that your guests will notice on a visit to your house. Selecting doors and windows sounds simple enough, but there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that your home is safe while still being nice to look at.

Before buying the products that you think you want, ask yourself the questions below. Your home is important. You need to make sure that the doors, windows, and installations that you get are safe, practical, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, the perfect fit for all your household’s needs.

4 questions to consider when buying doors, windows, and locks for your home

Home Safety Buying Guide: Doors and Windows - doors and windows

1. What design or style is your home?

Stemming from the close history of Europe and Australia, many Australian homes naturally follow some European styles. Some are modernist, while others are a mixture of different styles mashed together. Your security doors and windows of course need to match the overall architectural style of your home if you want all the pieces to combine together into one beautiful house.

2. Do the materials on your doors, windows, and locks need to be weather-resistant?

Wooden windows and doors are quite nice to look at, but suppose you live in the parts of Queensland where the yearly rainfall is pretty high, wood may demand a bit more maintenance. The materials have to match the climate where your home is found in order to be sure that the material that holds your window and door locks does not become compromised. The locks themselves need to be resistant – if you live near the ocean, typical metallic locks can be damaged by the salty air. You have to consider locks that are sturdier in these situations.

3. Are you worried about your door and window locks not matching your home’s style?

Just because your home doesn’t follow a modern style doesn’t necessarily mean that your door and window locks have to be ancient. An elegant old Victorian-style door, for example, can be equipped with modern electric locks. Your windows and doors can be outfitted with a variety of locks to suit your needs, and there are services that make sure that the locks of your home are well-equipped to be safe.

Home Safety Buying Guide: Doors and Windows - doors and windows

4. Are there areas of your house that need special access?

It’s not just the safety of your family from intruders that you have to consider; you also have to ensure the safety of your belongings from friendly, but unwanted access, and the safety of the residents or visitors from any potentially risky items. If your family has children, for example, you naturally want to limit the access that your children have to certain areas of your house.

There are master key systems available to make sure that your children are kept safe from say, your workshop where all your power tools are kept, or your storeroom, where you keep old items that may be damaged by hyperactive kids.

5. Are you the type who would rather keep a small number of keys?

If you are, you may want to consider a one-key system, designed to minimise the number of keys that you need for opening the doors and windows of your home. Having one key for all the windows, another for the front door, and another for the rooms of your home is quite practical.

Contact a security doors and windows solutions provider today

Now that you’ve pondered these questions, make sure that you contact a reputable company that can provide you with high quality doors and windows for your home or business in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas. Here at Uneek Security Doors, our objective is to provide you with a security system that works within your needs and budget. Contact us for more details!

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