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How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door
July 14, 2019 Maintenance

Getting a security door for your home is a must especially since one of its primary purposes is to provide security. A security door can help you avoid a possible residential burglary because it addresses one of the risks identified by the Australian Institute of Criminology – having an unsecured entry point to your house. Remember, burglaries are often unplanned and opportunistic which makes this type of crime avoidable given the appropriate preparation.

While a security door helps make your house feel safer, it also breaks down and deteriorates over time. This is why it is essential to maintain the durability of your security door and make sure it still looks appealing in the long run.

Below are some tips on how to maintain your security door.

5 tips on how to maintain your security door

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door - Security Door

1. Check that it is made out of proper material.

While maintenance is vital, it is also good to check if your security door is made only of proper materials. When buying a security door, only go to an expert to ensure that your chosen model uses quality components from top-notch suppliers. Security doors made out of the best components tend to last a long time. They also let you enjoy all their benefits without ever worrying about immediate failure.

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door - Security Door

2. Make sure to do regular maintenance.

Yes, your security door needs regular maintenance just like a car. This avoids build-up of dirt and impurities on the mesh. Remember that your security door also protects your home from insects and/or dirt from coming inside. Delaying a wash could result in staining either via airborne impurities (reddish marks) or through the salt build-up (white fluffy marks).

Regular maintenance includes a wash down of the frames and the mesh. If your security door comes with a specific wash and wax product, then go ahead and use it but a regular car wash and wax will do. Use warm water and only scrub using a soft, non-abrasive brush. End  with a water wipe-down.

The entire procedure is simple enough, which should encourage you to do it regularly. Make sure to take your living environment into consideration for how often you should do a regular wash. If you are close to a beachfront, then this means you should do your routine maintenance more often.

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door - Security Door

3. Repair if needed.

Don’t wait until your security door is dilapidated before you get it repaired. It will not do its job of protecting your home whether from burglaries or wandering wildlife if it is broken. Here are some repairs that you need to consider:

  • Door re-wiring:while the mesh on your security door may be durable, there can be some damage due to accidental impacts. This should be easy to fix.
  • Replacement of locks:Due to constant use, locks can become loose. Check if your locks are due for a replacement or if they just needs a little fix. If you do decide to go with the replacement, make sure that your provider uses a standard cylinder lock or a combination lock and deadbolt.
  • Unable to lock or close due to the natural movement of the house:This usually involves your door frame. A wooden door frame can deteriorate. It’s also natural for your house to shift which may cause your door to stick or to open inconsistently. This can be an easy fix but just make sure that your security door fits securely in the new door frame.
  • Replacement of hinge/s:The most common reason for replacing hinges is due to long term use. What usually needs replacement is the door side of the hinge instead of the bolted section on the door frame. When replacing hinges, make sure to inspect that the hinge mechanism is not damaged.

You could also consider re-painting and sandblasting your security door so it looks more appealing. Check if your installer has aftermarket sales that you can take advantage of. It’s always better to go to a one-stop shop for these kinds of purchases.

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door - Security Door

4. Elevate the look of your security door.

Just because it has a security function, your door does not need to look plain and boring. When shopping for a new security door, explore the colourful and unique designs that are available. Choose a provider that has a wide range of finish colour options. You can also ask if they have colours that are available on request.

In terms of design, you can still make your security door look like a feature of your house. Why not try to make it look like a Japanese divider or maybe explore a design that’s more art deco? Whatever your taste, you can find a door to match with the overall aesthetic of your house.

How to Maintain a More Durable and Appealing Security Door - Security Door

5. Prevention is better than cure.

While we often hear this saying in relation to diseases or getting sick, this can also apply in maintaining the durability and appeal of your security door. Security doors are often overlooked. However, it’s important to do some regular inspections. It can be as quick as making sure that it still locks perfectly whenever you come home. It’s also important to check if there are any signs of tampering or attempts at forced entry and, if you do find some, immediately take action and have the door repaired.

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