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Mesh or Grille: How to Decide

Mesh or Grille: How to Decide
November 18, 2018 Securemesh

A sense of security is a necessity in life. While it comes in many forms, there is one easy way to ensure security in your home or property.

Installing security doors and windows has become quite popular in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie area. It is an added layer of security that is worth the cost and is definitely a good investment. It may be difficult to choose which type of mesh or grille is best for you. To help you decide, here is some information about the different types of security door and windows you can install at your property.

What are mesh doors and windows?

Mesh or Grille: How to Decide - Mesh or Grille

A mesh door or window is also known as a screen door or screen window. It’s a mesh reinforced with frames of different materials to serve as a barrier. It may be placed on an aluminium or wooden frame. The earliest form of mesh door used a cheesecloth on a frame, but they have now evolved to different forms of various materials.

Woven wire mesh is the most common type of mesh door or window. It is not as obvious or noticeable as other types, however, it is prone to rust and may need replacing every so often, especially in humid areas. It is used widely to keep pests out while maintaining air flow. It is available in a more heavy-duty form called welded wire mesh. This is sturdier than the usual mesh door and window as it has welding on all of its cross sections.

For added protection, state-of-the-art technology has been used to improve the security of mesh doors and windows. Among the best kinds of mesh doors offered by U-neek security screen doors is Ultra.

  • Ultrais a special type of screen door made of stainless steel mesh.

It does not corrode easily and, unlike other mesh doors and windows, it cannot be easily cut by knife or impact. When it comes to its facade, it does not look like the old aluminium grilles which are no longer modern and obstructs your view. Ultra provides clear views and free air flow. It can give you maximum protection, without compromising either the functionality or aesthetics of your home or property. To further match its design, it comes in anodised and powder coat colours.

It can also be used in almost all types of doors such as: Sliding and hinged doors or windows;
casement, awning, and double-hung windows. It can also be used for other areas such as fire and emergency exit doors, balustrades, pool fencing, outdoor room extensions and shop fronts.

What are grille doors and windows?

Mesh or Grille: How to Decide - Mesh or Grille

Grilles come in many shapes and designs of various materials. They are usually made of metal to serve their heavy-duty purpose. The metal is patterned in many ways, such as horizontal, vertical, diamonds, or other curved patterns. They can also be coated to match the colour of your exterior. Since grilles have been used for a long time now, a lot of common designs are out of date. Here are some advanced types of grilles offered by U-neek:

  • Securameshis a sturdy security system which comes in hinged or sliding doors and windows. It has a variety of colours and designs to match the theme of your home. It also has different sizes and may be in half panels.
  • Colonial Castingsprovides one of the common types of security doors and grilles. They are the largest manufacturer of aluminium outdoor products in Australia. You can choose from a lot of standard finish colour options, and even more colours available upon request.
  • Hard Coreis another kind of sturdy grille made of super hard alloy. It is stronger than your ordinary steel. It also has an open style so it does not obstruct your view, and can be made into different designs to match your home or property.

How to decide between mesh and grille?

Choosing between a mesh and grille can be a difficult decision as you consider cost, practicality, and quality. Once installed, your security door must fulfil its role of protecting your property. Cost and quality usually go hand in hand as better materials are expected to be pricier. Before you choose, here are some things to consider first:

· Its function and your priority

Security doors generally provide protection, but it is important to think about where they would be most effect. To help you decide, think about why you are installing a security door or window in the first place. Is it to keep intruders out as you keep expensive valuables in your property? Or are you in an area where there are a lot of bugs, birds, or other unwanted animals? Are you in an environment where it is good to experience air flow?

· The price you are willing to pay

High end security doors look attractive and often seem like the best option. However, it is still important to stay within the budget. Some security doors can provide the same kind of protection and function for a lower price. Make sure to hire reliable installers who will be cost effective and still provide the best security door for you.

· The materials best for your property structure and area

It is important to choose materials that suit the structure of your home or property. Here you must consider the type of metal and the colour of your security door and window. Some materials are only available in designs that may not match your exteriors. Have a general picture of what you want to see once your doors or windows are installed.

· Locks and installation methods

When choosing a security door or window, it is also important to think about the lock you are planning to use. Consider whether it will fit in on the type or design you choose. Installation may also vary in time and resources, so it would be best to plan ahead on how you would schedule and install these. Ask for expert advice to ensure that the type you choose suits your already installed doors, frames and walls.

Contact U-neek for your security doors and windows

Installation of security doors and windows should not be a hassle, but should be done well.  After all, you will be using these security systems to add protection in your property. For expert advice and professional services, contact Uneek security doors. You can send us an enquiry for any of your concerns, especially if you need further help deciding between mesh and grille.

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