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Other Benefits You Get from Security Doors

Other Benefits You Get from Security Doors - Security Doors
November 20, 2019 Benefits

Security is the primary reason when anyone decides to get security doors for their home. That is understandable given that according to the most recent report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were more than 168,000 victims of unlawful entry in 2018. Of these victims, 65% had stolen property. The study further notes that a majority of the unlawful entry incidents, 72%, actually happened inside a residential location.

Your home should be your sanctuary. It is a safe space where you can relax at the end of the day. It’s natural for you to do everything you can to make sure that it is safe. But did you know that installing security doors has more benefits beyond providing safety?

7 Other benefits of security doors

There are more advantages to having security doors than you think. Here are seven of them.

1. Security doors add to the privacy of your space.

Apart from providing security to your home, security doors also offer privacy to your space. Make sure to check the thickness and the angle of the mesh. The thicker it is, the harder it will be for passers-by to see right into your property. You don’t want some random stranger being able to see inside your space, right? Then installing security doors is perfect for you.

While they do provide privacy for your space, security doors still can provide you with an uninterrupted view of the outside. You won’t have to worry about people looking in because they won’t be able to see right through your security screen door.

Get in touch with a trusted security screen door supplier like Uneek Security Doors. We can make a recommendation on the design of your security screen door, depending on the level of privacy that you are looking for.

Other Benefits You Get from Security Doors - Security Doors

2. They make your house look better.

Your front door is the first thing that people notice about your house. You may not be thinking about this when you finally decide to have doors installed, but they can also make your house look better. That’s because there are quite a few varieties of designs for security doors based on the overall theme of your house or your style preference.

Yes, making your house look better is not the main reason for having security doors installed, but it’s not bad thing. You can pick a specific colour, a pattern for the mesh, and even request matching designs on your windows. Some suppliers can also offer bespoke colours on request, so make sure you pick the right security door provider for you.

3. These doors improve ventilation and let in natural light.

Who doesn’t want to have a breath of fresh air and bask in natural light on an everyday basis? Natural light is good for you; plus, it helps lower your electricity consumption. However, due to the crime rate nowadays, it’s hard to keep your doors or windows open all the time to enjoy a little touch of nature in your house.

One of the best solutions is to have security mesh doors installed around your house. You will still be able to keep your doors closed for security reasons, but because of the mesh design, air and natural light can still get into your house.

Remember that a flow of fresh air can remove the smell of stale air around your house and prevent mould from growing. If you decide to install a security screen door for your home, you’re not only making sure your property is safe, you can also enjoy the fresh air and natural light without sacrificing your safety.

4. Security doors keep insects at bay.

Insects can be hard to deal with, especially during the warmer months. Mosquitoes are especially common during this time of the year, and you don’t want them entering your house. How can you achieve that balance between keeping insects out of your home and still being able to let in fresh air into your hose?

If you say security doors, you’re correct. You can get the best of both worlds with the right security screen door for your needs. Not only can your security doors keep bugs and pests out of your home, but they can also keep debris out of your house too. From leaves brought on by windy days to rubbish and sand that can enter your home when you leave the door open, a security door can help keep these items out.

5. Fireproof

Security doors are generally durable. Still, if you take a step further and invest in a good-quality fire retardant security door, it now becomes an added protection for your house. Not only can your security door protect you from unlawful entry, but it can also help stop flames from spreading during a fire. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a security door and invest in the best one for your home.

Other Benefits You Get from Security Doors - Security Doors

6. They can add value to your property.

As previously mentioned, security doors are a good investment for your house. This is especially useful if you are planning to sell your property and won’t be living in it for a long time.

A good security door is an excellent way to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. It’s best to choose a custom-made security door that can pair perfectly with the overall theme or architecture of your house.

Other Benefits You Get from Security Doors - Security Doors

7. It provides peace of mind.

Your house should be the most comfortable area you can stay in. The added security that a screen door can provide directly affects your peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about any unlawful entries into your home, nor about insects and bugs getting into it as well. While security doors mainly function for safety, they also provide you with peace of mind.

For security doors and security screens in Newcastle, Uneek Security Doors is your best!

We have been operating for 26 years, and we have always been an Australian owned and operated company in Newcastle. We have a wide range of security doors, depending on the style that you prefer and the level of privacy that you want for your house. For enquiries, you may call us at 02 4945 4460 or email us at

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