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Recent Trends in Security Door Hardware

Recent Trends in Security Door Hardware
October 21, 2018 Security Door Trends

Gone are the days when a closed door was enough to secure a home or business. More and more innovations in hardware and technologies have transformed the simple hinged or sliding door into a security asset.

There are many new trends in safety and security, and these include changes in the way we understand security door hardware. This article will help you better understand how far we’ve stepped away from the traditional door and mechanical lockset towards more advanced or stylish security systems.

· Security with a clear glass and a great view

Traditionally, high security means heavy thickset doors that no one can see through. For many years, people have viewed glass doors as weak points and obvious security risks. Glass panes in both windows and doors are also viewed as a privacy concern.

New types of materials are making it possible to connect the inside of the home with the yard or patio without compromising security. With these developments, homes don’t have to be entirely closed off from natural light and from the outside lifestyle.

Reliable security screen mesh and grilles made of high-quality materials make it easy for the light and breeze to come in while keeping intruders and wild animals out.

With better security systems and door furniture, homeowners can opt for clearer and bigger designs. More and more homeowners are opting for multi-fold patio door systems, which are innovative systems with clear glass, and for larger double front-doors.

Recent Trends in Security Door Hardware - Security Door

· Marrying design and security

What’s the conventional image of a secure door? Multiple key-enabled locks, a couple of deadbolts, and an obvious keypad? Today’s security-savvy homeowners and property owners want the best, and this means both functional and beautiful.

The challenge for security door hardware providers is to create hardware that is just as complementary or appealing as other features in the home’s design. It can’t be the highlight of a home’s facade, and it also shouldn’t clash with your windows, frames, and so on. Plus, an obvious security system can make it easier for would-be intruders to plan ahead.

Recent trends in security door hardware make it possible to ensure safety along with sophistication. There have been many advances in colour processing. Security doors and accessories can be coloured different shades, such as chrome, slate grey, brass, and burnished bronze.

It’s also possible to burglar-proof your weak points without having to completely board up the windows. For homeowners who want security doors and window grills, there are plenty of beautiful designs that can add charm to a house and avoid feeling constricted or claustrophobic.

With the right provider, you can have both appearance and functionality.

· Increasing electronic capability and interconnectivity

Electronic locks are steadily creeping into the market. More people are beginning to see the problems related to physical keys, which can be easily replaced or copied. Automated hardware is becoming the future.

Though it will take some time before they are found in all Australian homes, this type of lock – accessed via fingerprint, scan card, or other biometric scanning – is certainly a new trend to watch out for. Other more modern locking options include keypad locks, slim magnetic locks, and magnetic stripe cards.

Electronic systems also provide heightened security awareness. Locks can even be keyed into a mobile app, which will notify you in the event of an unauthorised entry. In some systems, you can even unlock your home with your mobile.

There are many smart home locks in the market this 2018. They all compete when it comes to interface, reliability, and appearance. New door furniture and accessories are being designed with style in mind. They can be made to complement the lighting, the door itself, and the overall theme of the home.

In the future, homes will be ‘smarter’. Plug and play technology will link the doors and windows into a seamless security system with the right electronic hardware. Even the lighting systems can be integrated and connected in a fully electronic home.

Recent Trends in Security Door Hardware - Security Door

· Better hardware finishes for increased durability

When it comes to hardware, people want durability. Manufacturers of security door hardware products and accessories are using better finishes in recent years, to combat the problems of corrosion and discolouration.

Better finishes on non-corrosive material lead to improved durability for hardware.

Working with U-Neek to get the latest security door hardware for your home or building

If you’re looking for a complete range of security door and window solutions, U-Neek Security Doors is the one-stop shop you need. U-Neek Security Doors is a manufacturer and installer of security doors, fly screens, window locks, window grilles, awnings, and blinds. Products are made to meet the highest standards, using only high-quality components from industry-leading suppliers.

U-Neek Security Doors understands what makes a great security system. It’s not just about having a good lockset. It’s about looking at the system as a whole, from the door, the hinges, the frame, to the materials of the windows and grilles. It’s about making your security door look great. As such, U-Neek Security Doors offers a wide product range of everything from fly screens with DVA mesh for added toughness and security, to BiFold Solutions for indoor or outdoor solutions, all in different colours and styles.

Top quality security door options

One of the top solutions offered by UNeek Security Doors is Securamesh®, which works for both door and window security systems. The strength of Securamesh® adds security to your sliding and hinged doors and windows, while maintaining ventilation. It is a long-term solution that is durable and able to withstand repeated force from your kids or pets. It can definitely secure your home against an unwelcome visitor.

Another top offering from U-Neek Security Doors is Ullrich Ultrasafe. If you love the idea of having a sense of security from intruders while having a clear view from indoors, you’ll love Ullrich Ultrasafe. This clean and clear security mesh provides safety without compromising the view or the breeze. This barrier device is a natural deterrent against forced entry due to its high-grade woven T316 black stainless steel mesh. It’s perfect for sliding doors, windows, outdoor room extensions, and even pool fencing.

If you want to stay on top of the latest trends in security door hardware, you need a manufacturer and service provider that you can trust. Contact U-Neek Security Doors today!

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