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Reduce Cooling Costs by Venting Hot Air

Reduce Cooling Costs by Venting Hot Air
March 17, 2019 Venting Hot Air

Ventilation is one of the most efficient methods in cooling down a building. If you want to avoid heat build-up in your home, you should consider different ways to vent hot air. For some homeowners, they plan ahead by considering a landscape that can provide shade to the house. However if you’re not wanting to change the structure and positioning of your home, you can think of simple methods to vent hot air from parts of the home.

During hot days, you will notice how the outdoor temperature can easily spread out inside the house if your doors and windows are not tightly closed. The cooling cost in most houses increases during the hot season. But this is something that can be avoided only if you know the proper way to vent hot air before using your air-conditioning unit.

Reduce Cooling Costs by Venting Hot Air - venting hot air

Importance of venting before using the air con

Ventilation is mainly focused on controlling the quality of indoor air by displacing pollutants. One of your main purposes in venting is to dehumidify and to achieve a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. During hot days, venting hot air is recommended before you use the air con. This way, you will be able to reduce cooling costs.

While your cooling system is not yet turned on, you can consider a natural ventilation strategy. Open the windows and let the cool breeze outside circulate inside your home. Open windows are a great opportunity for bugs, mozzies, and other insects to enter your home. To prevent this, you should consider installing window security screens.

There are DIY screens that you can consider, and some stylish and classic fixings and hinges to choose from. This way, the overall design of the house will not be affected.

Reduce Cooling Costs by Venting Hot Air - venting hot air

Natural ventilation options

Every household needs an air conditioning unit not only during summer but also during winter. Hot days demand the regular use of air con, which then leads to a higher utility bill. If you want to decrease the cost of cooling, here are some natural ventilation options you can consider:

· Avoid heat build using the “chimney effect” principle

Natural ventilation is dependent on the chimney effect. When you leave your windows open, you can easily let the wind circulate inside your home. Using the concept of chimney effect, the wind comes in from the windows and outlets on the first level of the house and exits through the windows on the top part of the house. This is effective for houses and buildings with cathedral ceilings and those that have open-air designs.

· Landscaping

One way to maintain and to enhance natural ventilation is by considering energy-conserving landscape. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on your location. If you want to make the exterior of your home look more attractive, you should do it in such a way that will also make the surroundings cool during a hot day. You can add some plants and other installations that will help let air circulate easily.

· Windows and skylight

It is essential to have windows on the top level of the house. This is to ensure that the heat will not be stored and suspended inside the house. Venting is done naturally when there are windows in this part of the house. Aside from that, you can also consider skylights which offers the cooling effect of natural lighting. Though there are other unique and stylish lighting that can be installed to keep your rooms cool, a skylight is the perfect option in reducing your utility cost.

Make your home comfortable and cool

Aside from installing an air conditioning unit, there are other ways on how you can make your home comfortable and cool even on a hot day.

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